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Dear colleague,

Welcome on our website and thank you very much for your interest in the NAGS deficiency DNA test.

The NAGS deficiency DNA test is offered to you free of charge thanks to an unrestricted educational grant by Recordati Rare Diseases. All requests are confidential and no information about individual patients is shared with third parties. All information regarding your patients will be only available for the lab; Recordati Rare Diseases will not have access to this information.

To send the samples for the NAGS or the CPS DNA test, please go to How to apply for the test.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions remaining about the NAGS deficiency DNA test.

Kind regards,
Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Häberle

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Last updated on 26/06/2019.



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Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Häberle

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